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For this project we completed a total renovation and modernisation works for a two floor investment flat in a very central location in Bangor, Gwynedd.

The duplex flat is in a Grade 2 listed building which presented us with new challenges we hadn’t experienced before such as the listed building planning regulations and permitted developments allowed. We successfully navigated through this planning by researching and learning about listed building planning consent and understanding which aspects of the project needed full planning permission and which didn’t. In the end we managed to completely avoid the need to apply for full planning which saved months of waiting and additional costs. For the most part this was pure luck – for example (with this local authority) listed building consent is not needed if the kitchen is to be fixed to a partition wall but consent is needed if it is to be fixed to an external/structural wall. For other aspects we tailored our approach – for example we had considered constructing a partition wall upstairs but we would have needed to apply for full listed building planning which would have taken approximately two months so the decision was taken to abandon the partition wall as it was not important enough to spend two months waiting on a planning application.

Here are some before and during pictures:

The state of the Velux windows above the kitchen were in such a poor condition the previous owner had filled gaps where the seals had once been with plastic shopping bags to stop any leaks, so it was clear we had to replace the windows and in total we changed all three of them. It may surprise you to hear that formal listed building consent is not needed (from our local authority) to replace windows on a like for like basis. We thought it would however be good practice to inform the local conservation officer of our intentions.

We started by completely clearing the flat out, removing tiles, laminate, carpets, everything from the kitchen and bathroom and the incredibly dated wallpaper. We practically took everything out of the flat.

Before installing the kitchen we needed to install some new power sockets so we took this opportunity to check the current electrical wiring and check if it was up to our standard. While this was happening we erected scaffolding outside so we were ready to replace the Velux windows before any of the kitchen units went in.

Once the Velux windows were fitted and lead work was replaced, we began inside the flat. The kitchen went in without a hitch, it was all plumbed in the same day the installation was complete and we immediately moved on to install the bathroom.

After the kitchen and bathroom were completed our next step was to repaint the walls and repaint the wood to make it more modern and to take the opportunity to do it now before any of the new flooring was put in.

When the painting was finished it was time to install the new laminate flooring. It was decided it would be best to run the laminate over the entire ground floor and place carpet up the stairs and on the first floor. With thanks to the speedy delivery from our local builders merchant the new floor was installed over the course of that weekend and the carpet was due to arrive from another local provider the following Monday.

The majority of the work was now complete and we had only smaller jobs and some cosmetic repairs to complete. Next up was tiling the kitchen and the bathroom floor. While this was being done we took the opportunity to box in some exposed pipes to make the flat more presentable and we then made an under stair storage cupboard to make to most of the space provided by the flat.

Here are some pictures of the finished property:

As you can see the two sets of pictures are worlds apart and we are exceptionally pleased with the finished result and very proud of what was achieved at this property.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about this flat, we’d be very happy to share with you.