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We renovated a former investment property situated in a desirable location in Llanfairpwll, Anglesey.

After years of being let and neglected the property had suffered some cosmetic damage along with age related detriment.

A summary of works needed to the property included:

  • Most of the wood floors had to be replaced
  • Carpeted floors had to be replaced
  • Practically all of the windows were old and had suffered age and environment related damage
  • All of the internal doors had to have work done on them
  • The internal walls all had signs of wear and in many places needed to be skimmed and repainted
  • The rear external door was beyond repair and had to be replaced
  • Extensive landscaping in the rear gardens and fencing work

The biggest single task involved with this project was the need to replace all the windows and an external door and then making good the areas around the work. The old windows were wood framed and had been neglected for many years to the point that the wood frames were beyond repair and the glazing needed to be replaced. Using our contacts we had the new uPVC frames and glazing delivered within a week of measuring and the work took 2 days to install and a further day to finish off.

After years of wear, neglect and dogs living in the house most of the wood and carpeted flooring had to be taken up and replaced along with new thresholds and trims.

All of the internal walls required repainting and some had suffered damage over the years in the form of general wear and from DIY that was done to a patchy standard. We made these good, skimmed and repainted so they were as good as new.

The outside of the property had also been neglected over the years with trees and shrubs being allowed to grow out and hedges being unkempt. The fencing surrounding the property had also suffered damage and required replacing after we had discussed our proposals with the neighbours – which were very glad to see new fencing.

The kitchen was relatively recent from a refurbishment a few years ago and didn’t require urgent replacing and bathrooms were recent enough that it wasn’t justified to change them.